MMXMR-MintMoXmr Mining

This is an instruction page for mining MMXMR an ERC20 token running on the Mintme Network.
Please read fully all instructions and guidelines prior to scrolling down and open miner

Mining is easy


Do NOT use an address linked to an exchange which requires higher deposit amount than our minimum withdraw!! is an example (minimum deposit 1.0) There are several wallet options which allow sending small withdraw.


These are a few wallet options we will update as tested. Metamask, Mintme Web Wallet, Desktop Wallet

F.A.Q. & Help

How do I use Metamask?

After downloading and installing metamask...

Go to upper menu tab which shows your networks> Add New Network>

Fill details like so…

Network Name:


Chain ID: 24734

Currency Symbol: MINTME

Block Explorer:


Make sure you follow above steps and have added Mintme Network to your Metamask,

switch to this network now.

Now scroll to bottom > Import Tokens

Token Contract Address: 0x3AD09254A2406B6CDf2b184479EaC284E99A72D3

The rest will autofill if you have correctly entered.

Can I mine other currencies?

Yes! See answer below...

How can I earn MMXMR faster?

OD Crypto Coin

This is an earning site (faucet, auto-faucet, PTC, task, bonuses, offerwalls, +more)

you can link your MMXMR address here and your mining earnings will be sent to your balance automatically

One of the benefits of this site allows FaucetPay microwallet withdraws in many choices of crypto coins

There are many other withdraw options for low fee network coins

OD Links

This is a shortlink URL service

You can earn while hiding links from social nets

This also works great to use for bbcode (such as posting for mintme token devs)