MintMoXMR (MMXMR) is a Token on the MintMe Blockchain
Here you can create your own URL and pool to mine M0xi (MMXMR Satoshi)
Your M0xi can be consolidated to MMXMR Tokens
Or you may exchange your mining shares for other coins!

How Does It Work?

Register the name of your pool.
Your registration will be approved and you will have your own pool at:
https://mining.mmxmr.dev/(the name you create).html
**Note: must have https and .html
When you register you will receive your own mining page this is your own area/others to mine.
You can control the settings to gain the best results.
You can have others mine for you or other many devices mining to the same pool.
You will be also given code to embed on other websites and pages that are setup to your preferences.
Any/all collected hashes are recorded to one dashboard where you could view your stats.
Stats are updated only 24 hours manually.
and your hashes will be converted to MoXi (MMXMR Satoshi)
remaining hashes will remain in balance.

You will receive M0xi

M0xi = 100 000 000 th of MintMoXMR Token
0.00000001 MMXMR

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What Is The Withdraw Level?

To make withdraw of MMXMR you only must have 1 Token balance.
Or you may shop.