For deposit methods:

Deposit 1.0 MMXMR – 25.0 MMXMR
Minimum deposit is only 1.0 MMXMR. Maximum can not be greater than 25 MMXMR per 30 day (monthly) cycle.
Upon deposit you will receive MMXMR to your account.
You may then use MMXMR in the shop.

Deposit with small minimum

OD Crypto Coin is a faucet/earning platform.
users may withdraw daily with no fees. Minimum withdraw is only low as 0.001 USD
join OD Crypto Coin and link your account here to be able to deposit/withdraw.
select MMXMR Liquid Wallet withdraw option.
Join OD Crypto Coin here:

OD Crypto Coin

Deposit MMXMR

****Using MMXMR****
MMXMR is NOT an investment or lending exchange token or otherwise.
MMXMR is a utility token which is used to standardize fair payouts on mining.
The exchange is done by COLD wallet ONLY and no P2P orders are accepted. The only intentions
for the MMXMR conversions is to provide liquidity as to not decimate rewards for mining or other
utility usages including but not limited to OD Crypto Adnet.
Upon limitations of KYC which we do not need, but in the process of limiting potential money laundering
or potential criminal activities we only allow deposits from approved mining pool users.
Any suspicious activity can lead to suspension and/or termination of your account.
Your deposit data will appear on your mining site.
ONLY send approved coins/tokens from your account
Approval is slow by behavior basis.
Coins maybe added or removed without prior notice.