PortaPack H1 For HackRF One 1MHz-6GHz SDR Receiver Transfer

98.120 ___MMXMR

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Product information:
Main function introduction:
Broadband full-featured radio: (Receive)
AM (includes DSB USB LSB (single sideband))
WFM (Broadband FM/for radio stations, hi-fi wireless microphones, etc.)
NFM (narrowband FM/for long-distance communication such as walkie-talkie)
SPEC (Spectrum Spectrum Analyzer)
Receiving ADS-B (aircraft) ACARS (aircraft) AIS (ship), etc.
Microphone launch (can be used as a wireless microphone for 10-30 m)
Morse code (can transmit Morse code distance: 10-30 meters)
Video program (can launch SSTV secret program 10 -30 m) (TF card)
ook code (can be transmitted ooK format code 10-30 m)
Search for Stations: Set a T rate range and scan the frequencies used by the surrounding stations at this time.
Sweep: Scanner
Packing list:
1 x PortaPack H1 (the HackRF One is not includes)

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Weight 140.00 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 50 cm