Withdraw Rules and Agreements

This is NOT an exchange and you may only make the following:

  • Once monthly (30 days) allowed to deposit.Max. 25.0 MMXMR
  • Once monthly (30 days) allowed to withdraw.Max. 25.0 MMXMR
How to setup your withdraw settings?

Go to Dashboard > Account Info > Edit Profile > select from either Direct Wallet and enter your MMXMR address OR enter your OD Crypto Coin username or email.

Withdraw options
Exchange MMXMR for other crypto?

You can make low withdraw without fees.
Use option OD Crypto Coin or JOIN NOW
You can convert to many crypto coin options even adding to balance.
very low withdraw options include:
FaucetPay minimum: 0.25 USD
ExpressCrypto minimum: 0.50 USD
Direct Wallet: Based on lowest for Coin blockchain you choose

Withdraw MMXMR to your personal wallet

Withdraw to your personal wallet can be sent at only 1.0 MMXMR (this includes exchanges i.e. Mintme.com)

When Will I Get My Withdraw

Your withdraw will be approved manually.
Allow up to 72 hours, much sooner if possible.